Retro Wash

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I was watching a home search show yesterday on HGTV and the couple that was house searching found a home built in the 20s. The kitchen was completely retro and they said they weren’t so sure about it… I LOVED it. It was so inspiring! I would just want to cook ALL of the time!



-Deborah Joy


Grant Park Coffee House

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I went to hang out with my brother downtown yesterday, and we went to Grant Park Coffee House. It was s cute, comfy, and I had some amazing ice cream.

When we got there it was a little slow, but only because there was a family in front of us getting lunch. The coffee shop is right across the street from the zoo where they were having a convention bringing over alot of business. They had a limited time ice cream flavor called Raspberry Chip Cheesecake, which was DIVINE. All in all it is a great coffee shop!

-Deborah Joy

“Isn’t that as it should be?”

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It’s fun to see random, but very obvious ways God works sometimes, even in the littlest things. I started reading Redeeming Love at close to the beginning of the school year and only got half way through it. Come to find out my sister, Cindy, who I’m saying with in Miami got the book from my Grandma Pearl. I don’t have it, because I had borrowed it from a friend at school and returned it when I didn’t finish it. So I figured out around where I had left off and read 2 more chapters today, which was so refreshing and great! I’ve been in the mood lately to only watch movies about real relationships and Christian ones, like A Walk to Remember. Reading this book is obviously about a Christian relationship and is a break from sitting around watching tv. It’s perfect and I’m sure it was God placing everything perfectly for me to be able to read it here and now.

This is a clip from the book that just kind of overwhelmed me:

      Miriam smiled. “You’re terribly in love with him, aren’t you?”
      “Terribly. I’m consumed with it. Sometimes he only has to look at me–”
She stopped, realizing she was speaking her most private thoughts aloud.
     Miriam looked at her. “Isn’t that as it should be?”
     “I don’t know. Is it?”
     “I hope so,” Miriam said dreamily. “Oh, I really hope so.”

I’m not exactly the type of girl to be “goo goo” over a guy. My past relationships are cute, but without much PDA. I thinks it’s confused me lately with exchanging PDA with affection at all. I want a guy -eventually- who CAN live without me but doesn’t want to. the line “I can’t live without you” is a BIG turn off. Anyways this clip just made me realize when God brings me the guy I’m to be with i’m going to get that feeling with just a look from him. I can’t wait! It’s going to be great!

Praise God.

Brotherly Love

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Our neighbor, Charles, from across the street just came over to borrow some old newspaper. He thought I was my sister, but what can you say? We look just a like. Then when he was leaving his neighbors brought him out some ice cream. Everyone is laughing and just enjoying each other. I’m sitting on our front porch amazed. You never see this any more. My dad helps out our neighbor on the right and the one across the street and they do the same in return. He has some irises that he will cut in half and spread around the yard as well as give some to Smokey, our right side neighbor. Charles came over the other day to help my dad raise a wooden swing my parents bought for my sister for graduation up on brick block raisers so that me and him could stain it. My dad went over to our other neighbors across the street a few days ago to pray for the husband because they had to rush him over to the hospital and he had surgury to remove a brain tumor. When I was in high school one guy from down the street, Savion, and one from up the street, Ali, used to come over when they wanted to play basketball because we have a goal. My brother and I played with them a few times when Ali’s cousin came up to visit, and even when we didn’t play they would come play in our driveway. I babysat for our neighbors on the left once, and my mom taught a boy down the street, Paublo, in school. It never seemed like a big deal to me until now. Today I sit on my front porch and see our neighborhood in a whole new light. Our subdivision is called Graceland. The two streets are Faith and Hope Drive. Our neighborhood is very diverse. Paublo is hispanic, our neighbors are black, and we are white. None of that makes any difference to any of us. If anything it brings us closer because we are all different. Now we are not the neighborhood having block parties and hanging out at each other’s houses all of the time, but we are open to each other and there for each other. That is what a neighbor is.

He answered: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ ; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ”
-Luke 10:27

This is a verse and commandment we could and do hear almost everyday, but rarely do we see it. If it exists you may not veen see it because it happens naturally when it is real. I’ve lived in this house for 6 years and I just now realized that we are a community, because it just happens. When believers come together things happen with out our knowledge that without God’s love would not happen.

44All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.
-Acts 2:44-45

-The view from my front porch right now.

As “Christianeeze” as this sounds it’s just how it is and what it is, and I love it.

-Deborah Joy


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What’s the cheapest dress you’ve ever bought?

I bought about 5 dresses for $.50 each at a thrift store last week. They are all funky and all fit perfectly which never happens without trying them on, but I wore this one at my sisters graduation on Saturday:

It has buttons up the back and fits like a glove. Thank you thrift stores!! love you!

How I’ve missed you.

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I haven’t had much time to look for inspiration, granted you can find inspiration anywhere. I’ve been busy with finals and moving back home, but I really want one corner of my room to have things hanging from the ceiling. I’m not sure what exactly yet though.


I’m not exactly sure what I want to hang but this is some inspiration towards it.. I wont know what will look good until I’m in my room because I’m sure my plans for it will change, so I’m still keeping an open mind.

Maybe I’ll make picture boxes and hang those… we’ll see.

I also have a new blog. It will be planely pictures that I have taken.


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My grandma Pearl was an amazing woman. She was a strong woman of God until she passed April 5, 2010. She influenced many things in my life and continues to be a strong influence in my life still to this day. She is now in heaven where she would rather be than any place in the world because 1-she is with Jesus 2- she’s with my grandpa Tom 3-she’s with Elvis(this is probly actually first on her list).  This is my favorite picture in general and of her and will be hung from any place that i succeed. Thank you Grandma Pearl.