Been so long,

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I think I might try to start a devotional about what the Lord is teaching me. 1-for you to learn and 2-for me to put it down in words.

Day- 01
I went to Bartrum Forest in Milledgeville, Ga yesterday. Bartrum is a beautiful place in general, but especially on a warm clear September day. I was just sitting thinking about how people are in [awe] of nature all of the time. You associate God’s beauty with nature, but His most beautiful creation is people. I realized we should be in so much more awe of God’s people following Him. They are so much more beautiful than the earth in all it’s beauty.
Emma reminded me of Genesis where after God speaks life into the earth and creatures of the earth and sees that “it is good.” Yet after God creates man he says “it is very good.” Genesis 1:31

The Lord is so good, and His Holy Spirit speaks to us directly from the Lord. Sit and listen. If it’s good it’s from the Lord; if it goes against His Word, then it is not. Every good and perfect thing comes from the Lord.

They are so beautiful to me!

Love, Deborah Joy


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