My Adventure Book

So, I have been wanting to go visit my Aunt Virginia in Colorado for a while now, but all of the sudden with only two weeks left of summer and only one week actually free I finally am going to write her a letter.

She is the last sibling alive of my Grandma Pearl who just pasted away earlier this year. I’ve heard that my Aunt Virginia is an amazing woman of God and a very wise woman. I would LOVE to get to spend time with her and learn from her. I would be so happy to get to fly out there, but the ultimate adventure would be to take a roadtrip there.

My picture perfect roadtrip would be to go with someone that I don’t know that well. I would love to drive half way across the country just getting to know someone, meeting people along the way, and finding out things about myself through spending time with this new person. Gosh, imagining this just gave my a high of wanting to do and plan this so bad.

Next step is to write her a letter about wanting to come visit… this will be my To Do List for tomorrow.

-and the title of this is from the movie “Up!” I you havent seen it, you should.-

-Deborah Joy


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