Oh Jo.

Joanna Sullivan is an amazing writer and a great friend. She resently posted her new fall style on her blog. My sister was concerned when she read Joanna was going for straight neutrals, but we both fell in love with every single outfit. I told her how inspiring it was to me and she talked me into putting a few outfits together and following her style lead.


I didn’t mean for these to turn out as neutrals but they are! These are a few tops I got while out thrifting today..

Oscar da la Renta shirt: $2.49

Black and white top: $2.49

my favorite top of the day: $.50

And a sneak peak at my Winter look..

except in burgundy, black, and grey.. I’m loving them but can’t wear them yet.

I’ve found out while spending time with my bro in Atlanta that he has never worn suspenders.. until he tried some on at Urban Outfitters. I decided to fix that when I found some today for $.99.. I bought them for him.

-Deborah Joy


One Response to “Oh Jo.”

  1. Joanna Sullivan Says:

    Ah I’m just now seeing this, you are so sweet! I am loving these outfits and I can’t believe you got an Oscar de la Renta shirt!!! Crazy crazy, you look fab my dear. Also I’m totally stealing that velvet jacket, super cool.

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